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Practicing Quickfix Jumping

By AI - 21/01/2017

JumpBOT has been updated with a new feature: calling the bot while as a medic.

This allows players to practice quickfix jumping by calling either the soldier bot or the demoman bot. This is currently under the test phase, so please let us know in the forums if there are any issues.

Have fun.

Australia server IP address change

By AI - 20/01/2017

In light of network issues, the Australia jump server has switched hosts. Please update your bookmarks with the new IP address.

Server NameIP AddressSponsor Partner
jumpacademy.tf | Dedicated Server | AU103.1.206.65:27035SimplyTF

Also note that while we do not run a rotation server in AU, our server partner SimplyTF does, so make sure to check them out here:

Server NameIP Address
Just Jump ~ SimplyTF103.1.206.65:27015

Enjoy, and let us know if you encounter any issues.

Problems with our webserver

By AI - 18/01/2017

Our main web host is currently experiencing difficulty (possibly due to a DDoS), which affects our website, database, and index for the FastDL CDN.

This will mainly cause disruptions with loading and saving locations for jumpassist, maps not downloading for players, missing player rank and tag colors, and game servers being unable to fetch jumpbot recordings.

In the meantime, should you require a map, you can find it from jump.tf's map spreadsheet.

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