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New US Central servers + AU server migration

By AI - 23/08/2016

We have added three new servers to our fleet in US Central (Dallas, TX)!

To mitigate lag issues on the AU server, we have also moved to a more powerful machine there. Please update your favorites accordingly.

Server NameIP AddressSponsor Partner
jumpacademy.tf | Dedicated Server | US Central
jumpacademy.tf | Easy+Medum Maps | US Central66.151.244.34RetroServers
jumpacademy.tf | Custom Hightower TDM | US Central66.151.244.43RetroServers
jumpacademy.tf | Dedicated Server | AU163.47.20.31:27030SimplyTF

Enjoy, and let us know if you encounter any issues.

Easy+Medium rotation map cycles updated

By AI - 10/08/2016

The easy+medium servers now have a new map cycle, thanks to Fractal_Brot's careful selection.

Maps added:
+ jump_adventure
+ jump_annex_v5
+ jump_babylon
+ jump_chambers_v2
+ jump_flashblack
+ jump_fox
+ jump_hexahedron_v2
+ jump_jakey_a2
+ jump_junk_solly_b1
+ jump_kinetics_d3
+ jump_panama
+ jump_summer_rc1
+ jump_sweetnawful_rc2
+ jump_something_rc1
+ jump_tpn_final1

Maps removed:
- jump_annex_v2
- jump_arugula_b3
- jump_ayers_v2
- jump_blossom_s3f
- jump_destination
- jump_glow_v4
- jump_illusion_rc2
- jump_negative_b5
- jump_orange_v2
- jump_vex_final

The full map cycle can be found here.

Have fun.

EU server upgrade completed

By AI - 09/07/2016

The hardware upgrade has been completed.

You may now resume your regularly scheduled jumping.

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