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Major Security Risk!

By VolKan @ Apr 22 2020 - 09:32 AM

This is not a chain message, this should be taken very serious!

As some of you may know there’s been a huge source leak meaning all games running source are now super vulnerable against nefarious purposes, and if you play TF2, CSGO, or any other source game you’re taking a major security risk, we advise all our players to take a break from these games until further updates come out, and for those reasons we’re also shutting down our servers later tonight.

It’s true that there is no official information yet and theres alot of uncertainties and ‘proof’ that it’s a hoax, but we’re choosing to stay on the safe side untill further information is available.

Stay safe!

[Servers] New US-West Classic Server!

By AI @ Apr 21 2020 - 04:39 PM

We have added a Classic server for the US-west region in response to the increase in players:

Server Name
jumpacademy.tf | Dedicated Classic + MGA | US West

Have fun!

Rest in Peace, Rick May (Soldier's voice actor)

By AI @ Apr 13 2020 - 01:59 PM

We are sad to inform you that the voice actor for our favorite TF2 Soldier, Rick May, has died from COVID-19.

This news was confirmed by the voice actor for TF2's Sniper, John Patrick Lowrie[www.facebook.com].

Let us have a moment of silence in dedication to him, and please stay safe everyone.

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