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[Map Update] Jump_academy2_rc9 Changelog

By Gentle Puppet @ Jan 22 2023 - 08:39 AM

Spawn Changes

Added a Credit Board to thank everyone who contributed to JA2 in some way.
A magical gold hoard has appeared in spawn. (It appears that some gold has been stolen and hidden around spawn, maybe finding and returning all the stolen gold will earn you a reward.)
Added a capture name to the 691 ctap capture area (was previously fixed with stripper).
Disabled decals on the Zero to Hero TV in spawn.
Disabled projectiles and decals on the ctap guide board.
Fixed the lighting in the hottub.
Fixed one of the songs on the jukebox being corrupted.
Fixed the birbs not working as intended (was previously fixed with stripper).
- Something might happen if you scare all the birbs once.
Fixed the red fog from hell persisting after leaving.
Fixed the waterfall noise and the bird sounds following players outside of spawn.
Made the jukebox room a little more dank.
Made the jukebox music louder.
Made the jukebox automatically play new songs when the previous song finished.
Made TicTacToe melee only.
Revamped Hell with a bigger and better(worse?) version.

Course Changes

Added a decal to inform players what to do on basic last.
Adjusted the catapult trigger on easy strafe 10.
Changed Easy Pogo 8 and 12 to be anti-bounce.
Added a memorial to the end of Easy Pogo for RNC.
Added a decal to the top of easy sync 2 to let people know it’s not a bug.
Reverted the easy sync 4 glass skip for the first glass wall.
Modified the lighting on Medium Walls.
Made the middle of Medium Pogo 4 ceiling bounce-able.
Removed the glow/bloom sprite from Medium Sync 8.
Added a memorial to the end of Medium Bounce for RNC.
Removed collisions from the roof beams at the start of Medium Speedshot.
Fixed numbers on Medium Speedshot being too far apart.
Fixed Out-of-Bounds hole on Hard Walls ¾.
Fixed Out-of-Bounds hole on Hard Pogo 10.
Increased the size of the regen trigger on Hard Mixed 1 without making it a wall pogo simulator.
Made the edgebug on Hard Mixed 4 automatic.


Re-added the previously removed point_spotlights (godrays)
Added pirate translations to the map briefing.
Added more voice lines to “Sentry Ahead!” and “Activate Charge!”.
Removed the sound of Engie buildings exploding.
Optimised a bunch of prop_dynamic to use less resources.

[Collection of Announcements] Catching up

By VolKan @ Dec 12 2022 - 07:26 AM

Post-Event Notes:
Thank you for stopping by to watch our segment and once again show that the community can come together to raise money for a great cause!
Special thanks to ridge tev firestabber Gentle Puppet JoinedSenses Xbmann & Nolem for joining us behind the scenes and providing their expertise to make the segment even better. And of course thanks to TFConnect for having us again this year. Appreciate you all!
If you missed it watch the vod here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1675326249?t=3h27m1s

PvP Servers:
If you weren't around for the event, you may have missed that we're remaking the Hightower servers into rotational PvP Servers, running maps that have been edited so jumping feel less restrictive. For those that have grown accustomed to the Hightower map, the servers will default to Hightower on server start-up, and can be rtv'd.
We hope you'll come on and try how the maps play, and report any feedback you may have in the new PvP Discord: https://discord.gg/CTvBmDdUD3
Here’s a Teaser video: https://youtu.be/WcL0qBTztLI
Credit to Gentle Puppet for the map work!

Mapping Discord:
We’ve created a dedicated discord for Jump Mapping, if you would like to learn how to map or be around to answer questions aspiring mappers may have we’d love to have you, there’s already a lot of resources there for you to delve into- or you can contribute your own!
Note that we're still working on it, more will come later. Feel free to give us suggestions and ideas.

PayPal Donations:
After PayPal updating their policies we lost access to our old PayPal, luckily no funds were lost. We've now made a new one, and PayPal donations are an option again!

[Event Announcement] TFConnect: Jumping Segment live now!

By VolKan @ Dec 10 2022 - 09:19 AM

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/kritzkast

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