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Rest in Peace, Rick May (Soldier's voice actor)

By AI @ Apr 13 2020 - 01:59 PM

We are sad to inform you that the voice actor for our favorite TF2 Soldier, Rick May, has died from COVID-19.

This news was confirmed by the voice actor for TF2's Sniper, John Patrick Lowrie[www.facebook.com].

Let us have a moment of silence in dedication to him, and please stay safe everyone.

[SA] Server hosting suspended

By AI @ Apr 05 2020 - 12:53 PM

The server hosting provider we have been using for our South American servers has unfortunately suspended our VPS for what they deem a ToS violation for hosting games on their service.

As a result, we are currently unable to provide servers for the South American region.

[Servers] Return of Classic + MGA!

By AI @ Apr 04 2020 - 08:56 AM

Missed the old fashioned Market Gardening Arena? Loved taking a break to practice easy jump courses while you wait for the next challenge? Or simply wanted a nostalgic rooftop hangout to casually interact with friends when you are not busy grinding jumps?

Jump Academy Classic is here again! And Chris!! has upgraded it to include multiple Market Gardening Arenas! The server listing is as follows:

Server Name
jumpacademy.tf | Dedicated Classic + MGA | US East
jumpacademy.tf | Dedicated Classic + MGA | EU
jumpacademy.tf | Dedicated Classic + MGA | Asia
jumpacademy.tf | Dedicated Classic + MGA | AU

Please note that EU Dedicated III and Asia Dedicated II have been converted to the MGA servers. We also have an Australian server again courtesy of SimplyJPK!

These servers run an advanced dueling plugin from MrSquid that records challenges and their results for a scoreboard of top MGA players.

Here is some commands to try out:
/mga - Teleport to the arena /duel - Challenge a player to a 1v1 duel /duels - List ongoing duels /top - Show top 50 players /rank - Open a player's rank profile /r - Return to spawn /fov - Increase FOV beyond 90

And of course, our resident jumpbot is here to help if you would like to use this map to practice jumping before moving onto our bigger jump_academy2 map.

Have fun!

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