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[EU] Brief server network connectivity issues

By AI @ Sep 05 2022 - 08:52 AM

EU servers are currently experiencing network connectivity issues causing players to time out or show servers as offline in the server browser:

Upstream router issue

Our upstream provider in Frankfurt, INAP, started experiencing a problem with one of its routers at approximately 15:30 CEST, causing an apparent loss of connectivity for a few minutes and then continuing packet loss. INAP tells us that they are currently working on rerouting traffic over other devices at this location and expect the situation to normalize very shortly.

[AU] Dedicated Map Rotation

By AI @ Jun 25 2022 - 02:47 AM

We have reconfigured the Australian server to alternate between the classic JA map and the new JA2 rc8 map.

Players on the server can now choose to extend or switch when the map time runs out.

Have fun, and let us know if you encounter any issues!

[Map Update] plr_tdm_hightower_rc1

By Gentle Puppet @ Jun 11 2022 - 02:17 PM

It's been quite sometime since we've updated the hightower map and ages ago we wanted to refocus the map on PVP and so I decided to remove many of the external features in the map.
Overtime we have received lots of complaints and requests to revert the changes.
After sometime and some work we've decided that our best interest would be to re-add the stuff that people liked the most.

We have returned the cliffs in a new rebuilt state with some new additions and adjustments. Most notably we have replaced the slow hovering platforms with a rickety old bridge.
We have also re-added the mines that where below the map.

You can view a full changelog below.


----Major Changes----
- Readded the Mines
- Readded the Cliffs (Rebuilt and Modified for Performance Reasons)
   - Replaced the floating platforms with a rickety old bridge.
   - Snipers can only use their secondary and their melee when they enter the cliffs.
- The teleports to the camp inside spawn are not readded.

----Other Changes----
- Added a camera that looks at players leaving spawn (Just for fun.)
- Actually Fixed the Collision on Red's Payload Tower (The previous fix was unknowningly reverted after hammer crashed.)
- Kills Reward Team Points (1 Kill = 1 Team Point)
- Readded the doomsday room (The room can be opened by capping both carts.)
- Removed the Collisions from Many of the Misc Wood Boards Scattered Around on the Ground
- Updated the Nav Mesh
- Updated the Player Counter (Now uses textures instead of brushes for the digits.)
- Nature & Wildlife Preservation Measures

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