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[Asia] Singapore servers are back online

By AI - 15/07/2018

The Singapore servers are back online thanks to the hard work of our host, natta.

Please let us know if you experience any network issues.

[EU] Servers are back online

By AI - 07/07/2018

The EU server provider has completed moving our game servers to another machine as part of the troubleshooting procedure. The game servers are now running again.

Please let us know if you continue to experience the lag spikes.

[EU] Update on lag spikes issue

By AI - 06/07/2018

We are aware of lag spikes that have persisted on the EU servers despite the upgrade to the server machine.

A test done early afternoon suggets that it happens without any Sourcemod plugins running on the server, which points to an issue with either the network or the machine itself.

We are in contact with the server provider to troubleshoot this issue further.

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