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35k members and normal Hightower returns!

By AI - 20/12/2017

We have reached 35k members in the Steam group. Let's all give ourselves a pat on the back for helping grow TF2 rocket jumping once again!

Now that the jungle hype is well over, our Hightower servers will now switch back to an updated non-jungle version of the map. This should be help players with lower end PC's gain back some precious fps. ;)

Have fun!

Jukebox is back!

By AI - 16/12/2017

The issue that prevented Jukebox from working for a few months has been fixed.

It was caused by an incompatible SQL statement in the plugin code that no longer worked after we switched from the MyISAM to InnoDB engines after converting to use a database cluster.

To listen in, use the !jbox command.

Enjoy the tunes!

Reminder: Asia servers have a new IP address

By AI - 14/12/2017

This is a timezone-friendly reminder that we have moved the Asia servers to a new IP address that is more DoS resistant.

Please note that both the address and ports have changed, so please update your bookmarks accordingly.

Server Name
IP Address
jumpacademy.tf | Dedicated Server I | Asia
jumpacademy.tf | Dedicated Server II | Asia
jumpacademy.tf | Easy + Medium Soldier | Asia
jumpacademy.tf | Easy + Medium Demoman | Asia
jumpacademy.tf | Staff Lounge | Asia
jumpacademy.tf | Custom Hightower TDM | Asia

Welcome back Asian jumpers!
Please let us know in the comments of any network performance issues you may encounter.

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