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[Resolved] Database maintenance underway

By AI - 27/06/2017

We are currently performining maintenance to the database to reduce issues related to player join lag.

During this time, changes to client preferences and jump location saves may not be preserved, and there may be some server stability issues, so watch out.

Fixed: Dead Ringer on Hightower servers

By AI - 25/06/2017

This is for you spy mains out there playing on our Hightower servers:

The fall damage trigger for cloaking with the Dead Ringer has been fixed so that it activates as expected, minus the actual fall damage.

Have fun.

Demoman servers reinstalled + new mapcycle

By AI - 22/06/2017

The frequently-crashing demoman servers have been wiped and reinstalled from scratch. Hopefully this clears out the problems we had before.

The mapcycle has also been updated to include only demoman maps:

jump_4demo_fixed5 jump_air_beta2 jump_amazon_b1 jump_around_cr jump_asdf jump_aurora_v2 jump_aznbob_fixed jump_cake_b2 jump_carrot_a5 jump_compound jump_contact jump_crypt jump_daylight_a2 jump_demolition jump_devils_redo jump_drenched jump_drexen jump_drexen2 jump_drheinz jump_egyptian_b2 jump_embrace jump_endurance_rc2 jump_fisyx jump_frayb_a4 jump_free_b2 jump_future_rebuild jump_glassydev_final jump_grimace jump_hangar_18 jump_homie_beta jump_ice_v4 jump_internal_b4 jump_isak_b4 jump_karelia_b1 jump_khoa jump_koi jump_lanc_v3 jump_muffin_b4 jump_nbn_b4b jump_neptune_rc1 jump_network_b1 jump_noob2_ab jump_noob_a1a jump_ofc_v2 jump_ofcourse_redo_final jump_over_beta jump_p jump_pine_a2 jump_prism_final jump_puni_a4a jump_quickers_b3 jump_raina jump_remember_beta jump_resi_b2 jump_revenge jump_rewind jump_ring jump_samurai_b3 jump_scorpion_b1 jump_sharp_b3 jump_shiver jump_sore_a4 jump_spark_rc2 jump_speed jump_speed2 jump_steak_a2 jump_stress_final jump_synapse_rc3 jump_termywermy_beta4 jump_tissue jump_titan jump_tsao_final jump_twelve_rc1 jump_tx_final jump_ugly_final jump_up jump_vendetta jump_vertigo jump_volcanic jump_zero jump_zero_v2

Let us know if you encounter any issues. If you have map suggestions for these servers, please direct them to this thread.

Have fun.

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