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Rotation server map cycles updated

By AI - 02/11/2017

We have updated our soldier and demoman rotation server map cycles.

The changes aim to keep the difficulty limit to around Tier 3 for ease of learning.

For the soldier map cycle:

+ jump_eons_rc2
+ jump_panama_final
+ jump_rj_rckteer
+ jump_rj_rckteer_adv_v2
- jump_eons_b2
- jump_kilo
- jump_kinetics
- jump_mirage
- jump_panama
- jump_something_rc1
- jump_sweetnawful_rc2
- jump_tpn_final1

For the demoman map cycle:

- jump_air_beta2
- jump_carrot_a5
- jump_contact
- jump_daylight_a2
- jump_devils_redo
- jump_drenched
- jump_drexen2
- jump_drheinz
- jump_endurance_rc2
- jump_fisyx
- jump_frayb_a4
- jump_glassydev_final
- jump_hangar_18
- jump_homie_beta
- jump_isak_b4
- jump_muffin_b4
- jump_nbn_b4b
- jump_neptune_rc1
- jump_network_b1
- jump_noob2_ab
- jump_ofc_v2
- jump_ofcourse_redo_final
- jump_over_beta
- jump_p
- jump_raina
- jump_remember_beta
- jump_ring
- jump_samurai_b3
- jump_scorpion_b1
- jump_shiver
- jump_sore_a4
- jump_synapse_rc3
- jump_titan
- jump_tsao_final
- jump_twelve_rc1
- jump_ugly_final
- jump_up
- jump_vendetta
- jump_vertigo
- jump_volcanic
- jump_zero_v2

For the full map lists: Soldier / Demoman

[Removed] Attention: Public profiles are now required

By AI - 28/10/2017

To combat spammers bypassing IP bans using alt accounts with proxies, we are rolling out a minimum 24-hours TF2 play hours requirement for players joining any of our servers. This system was previously deployed only on our Hightower servers but we now have to expand it to all of them.

Game play time information is only readable if you have your profile set to public. You will not be able to join the servers if it is set to private.

Thanks for your understanding.

[Resolved] Servers crashing due to database issues

By AI - 26/10/2017

We are currently investigating the server crashes caused by most nodes in the database cluster going down.

Player save locations will be unavailable during this time.

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