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[Asia] Servers are back online!

By AI @ Aug 29 2023 - 05:13 PM

After quite a long and difficult troubleshooting process with a bunch of trial and error, our Asia/Singapore servers are back online under the same IP address.

It is still not clear what the cause was but we narrowed it down to the server's A2S query response's UDP packets getting blocked when trying to reply to the game client's second A2S query (with the challenge number appended).

This could be due to a router or OS bug, but we now know how to more quickly identify and reconfigure should this bug happens again.

Thanks for your patience!

[PSA] SourceBans++ web panel exploit in the wild

By AI @ May 08 2023 - 04:33 AM

Server operators, please be advised. There is an exploit in the wild compromising SourceBans++ web installs affecting the last pre-PHP 8.1 version 1.6.4 and the new PHP 8.1 branch up until the version 1.7.0 released with the security patch yesterday.

The attacker is able to compromise the installation by spoofing a successful OpenID login with a different admin account. Depending on the account compromised, this privilege escalation may allow for rcon access via the rcon console, therefore you should assume your rcon password has been compromised. Users may also be added/edited/removed if the compromised account has web panel admin access. Existing user email addresses may also be viewed.

Please note PHP 8.1 must be installed on your web server to run the SourceBans version 1.7.0 that includes the security patch. This also requires updating Composer dependencies, one of which requires PHP to have the Sodium extension.

Update to the latest release here: https://github.com/sbpp/sourcebans-pp/releases/tag/1.7.0

[Event] Happy April Fools' Day!

By AI @ Apr 01 2023 - 08:36 AM

Introducing Beam Hop! You can create your own force-field beams by hitting alt-fire after firing a rocket. A beam will appear between the rocket and where you aim.

You can briefly bunny hop on top of the beam or even rocket jump on one. Touching a beam shortens its lifespan but you can recharge it by firing an extra rocket on it up close. Can you chain a beam pogo?

Challenge yourself this weekend and creatively cheese through all the jump maps!

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