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Spy bungee removed from dedicated academy map servers

By AI - 24/07/2017

Due to an large number of complaints, the bungee plugin has been removed from the dedicated academy map servers due to being a significant distraction for learning jumpers.

However, it is currently still on the map rotation servers.

Did you miss the bungee spy? So did we.

By AI - 17/07/2017

The plugin has been patched and should work on all the jump servers again. To use it, change class to spy and set up a bind, for example:

bind alt +bungee

Credit for this plugin goes to our ancient jump fellow CrancK, who also made the plugin for +conc. If you see him on the servers, make sure to say hi.

Have fun!

[Resolved, partial] Upcoming server maintenance (Monday, 12 AM Pacific Time)

By AI - 09/07/2017

We will be performing maintenance at 12 AM Los Angeles / 9 AM Frankfurt / 3 PM Singapore for a few hours. During this time, all game servers will be either shut down or locked while we test and optimize database configurations to target the join lag issue.

We will post an update on this once it is complete.

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