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[Done] Emergency patching of all servers in ETA 5 minutes

By AI - 21/10/2017

We will be restarting the servers in approximately 5 minutes to apply an update to the steamtools extension that has been found as the root cause of the player rank and item server problems.

Please stand by.

Pyro jetpack silly weekend on Hightower

By AI - 21/10/2017

It's a silly weekend following the Jungle update with pyro's new gear. Let's celebrate with some fun on the Hightower servers!

For a limited time, you can equip the pyro jetpack on the Hightower servers with the !jetpack command. Your recharge meter will also instantly fill, but you still have to land on the ground to use it again.

Have fun!

[Resolved] Servers not fully working after Jungle update

By AI - 20/10/2017

Some things are broken following the Jungle update and we are looking into them.

Hang on everyone!

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