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[Done] Please help us stress test our new Argentina servers!

By AI - 16/08/2017

We have set up some servers over in Argentina (South America), and would like some help testing the CPU and bandwidth performance.

If you have time, please check out:

Server Name
IP Address
Sponsor Partner
jumpacademy.tf | Servidor Dedicado | ARG
jumpacademy.tf | Soldado Fácil + Medio | ARG

Thank you for your attention.

Jukebox is back!

By AI - 11/08/2017

The MySQLi syntax for the jukebox's web code had to be manually updated to PHP 7.0's.

This took a while to get to the top of my bugfix priority list, but it is now done.


Spy bungee removed from dedicated academy map servers

By AI - 24/07/2017

Due to an large number of complaints, the bungee plugin has been removed from the dedicated academy map servers due to being a significant distraction for learning jumpers.

However, it is currently still on the map rotation servers.

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