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Beginnings 5 Jump Competition

By AI - 09/06/2018

The jump.tf community is now hosting its 5th annual jump competition!

This year there are offline and live racing components, and in-game medals will be awarded to winners and participants. For more information, see https://jump.tf/forum/index.php/topic,2603.0.html

New maps include:

jump_cavern jump_elite jump_lithium jump_nebuchadnezzar jump_obelisk_rc1 jump_psionic jump_serenity

Individual map downloads and map pack are available at https://lounge.jumpacademy.tf/bg5/

We are also running the maps on our lounge servers! Find one near you to join at https://jumpacademy.tf/servers

Good luck to all racers!

Celebrating 4 years of the Jump Academy map

By AI - 07/06/2018

It's the 4th anniversary of our beloved and classic Jump Academy map!

We've switched on birthday holiday mode, so feel free to join in with your noise makers to celebrate today.

And cheers to our beloved creator of this map, Christoffer395!

US east servers back online following network outage

By AI - 04/06/2018

The servers are back online now after Internap fixed their derp that messed up a router configuration.

Thanks for your patience!

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